Plum Island


Plum Island is Bill Womack's first small airfield for Flight Simulator, specifically made for FSX. This time Bill has made extensive use of aerial photos to add a true-to-life atmosphere to the landscape. On it he has meticulously placed autogen objects, so that this 'photo-title' is NOT one of the 'standard' boring flat-looking wallpapers that so often result from using photos.

Plum Island's small airfield (2B2) is situated near Newburyport, some 27 miles north of Boston along the Atlantic coast. The FSX version of it conveys the atmosphere of a small local field, often slumbering in the summer heat or laying deserted in the wintery cold. According to the Airnav pages aircraft operations average some 54 per week, so clearly not a busy airport, but instead the ideal companion for your VFR-loving GA aircraft!

He has also made not only the Summer textures, as again is usual for products like these, but rather has provided Winter textures as well, and night textures.
The BEST part of it all however is how he has been able to BLEND the phototexture with the default MS textures. You will have a hard time figuring out where Plum Island ends and default FS textures begin !

But that's not all... Bill has added the very small airfield 2B2, aka Plum Island, in stunning detail, rendering it truly 'as real as it gets'. Finding the field from the air is not easy, but once you do and land there, you can taxi up to the small FBO or fuel station, and fill your plane up.

You can 'fill yourself up' on one of the picknick tables in the shade of some trees, and chat with the airfield manager or one of the 'resident' pilots.

Here's a quote from an e-mail to Bill Womack from one of our beta testers and residents of the area :

"....... Bill, the FBO at Plum Island, Steve Noyes, said not to make things look so real. After all, you didn't have to show the rust on his tractors. The Director Don said you showed too much cracks in the runway. I told him they were real. He said, "I know, but..."
You won over 3 converts to Flight Simulator. George Kelly, the Manager at 2B2, who bummed a computer from me. Mike Donahue a pilot from Plum Island airport and I think Victor Tine, the reporter that called you. He took to FSX like a baby after candy.
As far as I'm concerned, you've outdone Emma Field in realism. Thank you buddy. The next time you're in Newburyport, I owe you a lobster dinner at Michael's Harborside....".


DEVELOPER                      Bill Womack
REQUIREMENTS               FSX SP2/Accelleration
TESTED ON                       Windows XP, Vista (32 and 64), FSX, FSX SP1, FSX SP2, FSX Accel., DX10

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